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Glassic is a value-addition driven company engaged in providing high quality products at affordable prices. Established in 2018, Glassic is provisioner of Pure Himalayan Pink Salt in ready-to-use packaging. Our products are available at leading retail outlets in Pakistan. We also provide Home Delivery services. WhatsApp at 0315-GLASSIC(4527742) to place your orders.  For products detail click here Glassic Products

Our Pink Salt is sourced from premium locations of the Salt Range Region of Pakistan. It is 100% Authentic, Pure and Natural, presented in clear sealed packaging. We ensure that our Pink Salt remains fresh, pure and completely uncontaminated as it reaches you.

Himalayan pink salt naturally contains trace amounts of over 80 minerals including iron, magnesium (which accounts for its vibrant hue), zinc, iodine, sulphur, sodium, molybdenum, chloride and many others. As a result, it is considered as one of the best salt varieties; used for all type of seasonings, augmenting the piquancy of food.

Himalayan salt offers a unique colour and flavour. Many people prefer the flavour of Himalayan salt over other types. They are perfect for grating over dishes for a beautiful table side presentation and the ideal ingredient for a delectable, healthy savoury meal. For information on Pink Salt read this article.

At Glassic, we continuously strive for provision of high quality products for our valued customers keeping in line with our core principles of honesty, high quality standards, eco-friendliness, sustainability and value addition.

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